Xender FAQ

Xender is a kind of file sharing application. It works on multiple mobile platforms. With it, the users are able to access its services on the PC by considering web version. Upcoming details are based on some common questions and their perfect answer.

How to get it?

Some individuals are trying to what the best source to get it to download with ease is. Mainly the Windows Phone, iOS, and Android mobile users are able to get Xender application. For such a task, they should access the services of respective application provider such as – Google Play Store and App Store.

How to send files from windows phone to iOS?

Most of the windows phone users are not able to get the way of accessing its services. They are trying to figure out the best source for all these things. The process of transferring files from windows to iOS is following.

For the process, you should have a third Wi-Fi connection nearby.

  • First of all, you need to connect both devices to a similar Wi-Fi connection.
  • Now you are required to access the Xender Application.
  • With the access of such application, you are redirected to a specific page. The page is showing some details about both devices, and both are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  • Here, you should find out the receiver device and select the device. With the selection, a process gets started automatically, and both devices get connected.
  • Now you are capable of transferring the files with ease.

If you are choosing the way of new Xender application, then you can follow the process.

How to send files from mobile device to PC?

When it comes to transfer from device to PC, then you do not need to consider the way of Mobile data. In case you want to transfer the files then you should be focused on the following process.

  • Firstly, you should access the application on a mobile device.
  • In the interface, you can see the “+” icon and tap on it.
  • Now you should access the “connect PC” feature.
  • After such a step, you are required to turn on the hotspot feature of a mobile device.
  • You should create the connection between PC and mobile device by getting connected to the hotspot.
  • In case any kind of permission is required then accept it quickly.
  • Now both devices are connected via Xender app, and you are able to transfer the data you want.

If you have any kind of issue with such a process, then you can consider the way of QR code scanning. For such a task, you need to access the official website of Xender.

How to create a backup or replicate the device?

Some users want to create a backup or replicate the device via Xender. It can be possible by considering the way of small and simple procedure only.

  • Create a connection with the friend’s device.
  • Now you should on the tap of his or her name for importing data.
  • After that, you are required to choose the type of data you want to replicate.
  • Here a specific permission request sends to the main device, and you need to approve it.
  • When the application gets approved, then it starts the file transfer

The process is working on both iOS and Android devices.

Does Xender use mobile data?

Many new users are wandering with a question that the application is using mobile data for transferring the files or not. The application is providing services without accessing mobile data. You can easily transfer files from one device to another by keeping the mobile data turn off.

Can I change file destination?

When you are going to install the application, then the file destination is in the internal memory by default. If you are facing the shortage of space in the internal storage, then you are able to consider the way of SD card.

For such a task, you are required to move this particular file sharing application to SD card. With it, you are required to make some changes in the settings. By accessing the settings of Xender, you should change the storage location from internal storage to SD card.

Are there any limits?

When anyone is going to download Xender apk, then he/she is trying to know that there is any kind of limits applicable on transferring files or not. In reality, you never face such issues. You can transfer the unlimited data from one device to another.