Xender 4.6

Among the many file sharing application being offered on different platforms, Xender app is among the top downloaded mobile app. If you have not come across to this wonderful mobile app, listed below are the best features of the app that at the end of this article you will download Xender not only on your smartphone but also on your personal computer.

What is Xender?

Xender is a utility application that will let you share and receive file between devices. Xender will allow you to transfer pretty much anything that is stored on your mobile device from music to videos to documents and more. It will also allow you to transfer files of bigger size in no time. What is exciting with Xender is that users will be allowed to transfer file up to 4 gadgets at a time.

Unlike other apps, Xender creates its own connection using Wi-Fi hotspot to be able to transfer files. Thus you will not need a USB cord and data and an internet connection to share files.

What’s New?

Just like all mobile apps, Xender undergoes a routine update for better performance. In this latest version of the app, Xender’s creator there were minor changes made to improve the transfer speed. Furthermore, the phone mirroring of the app was further enhanced so that the file transfer can be made using a few ticks. The performance of Xender was improved to better serve a million users of Xender.


After all that has been said, Xender mobile app is a good addition to your device especially if you are constantly using your smartphone for work and leisure. You can share and receive files with no hassle and less time. Download Xender App now so that you will experience quick file sharing just like the other million users worldwide.

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