Xender 4.5

If you have not heard of Xender yet, now is the best time that you get to know it and after this, you will have no hesitation but to download Xender App.

So what is Xender App?

Xender is a mobile application that enables you to share files among other Xender users. What makes it stand out from the other file sharing mobile apps is that it can work across different platforms without restrictions and limitations.

What are the Features of Xender?

One of the major features of Xender is that it can transfer files even the larger ones speedily with its transfer rate that could reach up to 40 Mbps. More so, not only can you transfer file from phone to phone or to a PC but also to smart TVs. Sending files can be done to more than one person at a time thus saving your precious time during the file transfer. One feature of Xender is that you simply have to shake your phone to share files.  Simply select a file you wish to share and shake your phone and it will automatically send the file to another device. With a simple slide, you can also send images to other devices. There will be n more tangled cable wires, no more data usage and no need of internet connection to share your files. Xender app can do the work!

Furthermore, the user interface of the app is very easy to understand even those who are not tech savvy can easily share files between devices. The file manager of the app allows you to move, delete or view the files that you have received. It also allows you to make of copy of the files.

What’s New?

The developers are regularly updating the app so that there will always be a smooth transfer of files between devices since that is the main purpose of Xender. In this version, the UI was further improved for the convenience of the user. More so, the performance is stabilized.

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