Xender 4.5.7

Mobile devices are not for mere calling or texting anymore nowadays. They are also being utilized as storage devices for important documents, photographs, and others. They are also used for storing movies and music that when you go on a long road trip, you have a great selection for your entertainment. And during those trips, there will be times that you do not want your family and friends to be left behind and you just want them to share the great movie that you are watching or the sound that you are listening to. The problem now is how you can share the file without consuming all of your data allowance for the month as for sure you have no internet connection while on the road. Thankfully, you can download Xender app for free here and enjoy unlimited sharing of files.

Why Xender?

With so many file-sharing apps on the internet to choose from, you might ask why download Xender. Here are the reasons why Xender is a great app that your phone needs and that certainly you will not regret.

Xender is an all-around app that will let you send and receive files remotely. It is compatible to use to any device such as your iPhone, Android phone or Windows phone. Regardless of the operating system of your device, you can share files across the different platforms.

With the speed of 40 Mbps, documents can be shared faster regardless of what the size is. This wonderful app is 300 times faster than Bluetooth making it as the fastest file sharing app that ever existed.  This feature has made Xender popular across the globe aside for the fact that the mobile application is very easy to use.

What are the new updates?

For the avid user of the app, they probably have updated Xender several times already. It is because the developer of Xender only wants the best for its user. Xender 4.5.7 may be a little bigger in terms of file size but that change is remarkably small that it will not make a major change on the consumption of your device’s storage space.

Another new feature of the latest version is that the user interface has been made more straightforward, easier to use, and simpler to explore.

If you ever want to experience a fast file sharing app with no hustle and bustle, download Xender and see the difference.

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