Xender 4.5.6

On the off chance that you have to transfer important files between two smartphones or a PC and a cellphone, why not download Xender application and experience the quickest file sharing application in town?

What is Xender Application?

Xender is a well known file sharing application with a whopping 10 million downloads to date. It will enable you to send files from photographs, motion pictures and recordings, music, reports, and more with a couple of taps on your cell phone.

With Xender, cellphone to cellphone exchange of files can be effectively managed without USB or internet. You can likewise move any document across different platforms in seconds on account of its transfer rate of 40 Mbps. Furthermore, you can likewise do share the files to as much as 4 gadgets in one time.

Cellular phone to PC file transfer is likewise simple to do. You can undoubtedly exchange documents from your cellular phone to any PC without software installation. In spite of not being connected to the internet, sending or getting files is still done at a fast transfer speed.

To be able to serve more users, aside from its primary language which is English, it can now support more than 20 languages like Spanish, Russian, Korean, Thai, Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, German, Portuguese, and many more.

What’s in the latest version?

Xender 4.5.6 has a quicker transfer speed and a simpler UI. The built-in media player was enhanced for better entertainment experience and for you not to download other apps that will just consume the storage space of your device. Other changes include performance stability and fixed some bugs that cause the stalling of the previous versions of Xender.

Download Xender App now and definitely you will not just like it but will definitely love it.

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