Xender 4.5.5

If you are not keen on looking for the best mobile utility application that will satisfy your need, you will certainly stumble over a few bad ones before you end up with the one. So as not to waste your precious time, here is the fastest and best file sharing app that ever existed. Download Xender app now and see a big difference.

What is Xender?

When you browse the internet looking for a mobile application to be able to send and receive files with ease and comfort, the browser will give you a long list that will make your search unbearable. More often than not, one of the most downloaded apps will surface on top of the list and one of them is Xender.

Xender is a file-sharing mobile application that permits the user to send and receive any file format and any file size without USB and internet. Designed and developed in 2011, the creator of Xender has one main goal and that is to provide everybody better connectivity by means of development of the innovation. Throughout the years, the number of users has greatly increased meaning to say that across the globe there are many satisfied users. More so, to be able to communicate with millions of user, Xender supports more than 20 languages.

Not only will Xender allow you to transfer important files from one mobile device to another but it will also allow its user to transfer from a computer and mobile device and vice versa.

Many of the file-sharing apps present that they are the best mobile app however, they can only transfer files with restrictions such as the file format, file size, and the number of files. But that is not the case with Xender. You can transfer all file formats no matter what the file size is without limit. And what’s more, is that you can send many files at the same time too as much as 4 devices altogether.

Xender 4.5.5

Just recently, the developer released the latest version of Xender which is the version 4.5.5. to give their million users a better and faster file-sharing experience they have fixed bugs that causes the stalling of the app especially during file transfer. They have also enhanced its performance for better execution.

To experience all these, all you have to do is to download Xender on your mobile device and see for yourself.

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