Xender 4.5.4

It is very common to see people transferring various files from one device to another no matter what the platform is. Just as long as you have the right file sharing app downloaded on your device, it can be done without restrictions. There are many mobile apps that offer this kind of service but if you want an app that is trustworthy and reliable then download Xender app now and you will not regret it.

What is Xender?

Now and then you are left in a circumstance where you have to exchange documents with someone else however not all times you have mobile data or you have brought your phone’s cord with you. If you have Xender downloaded on both devices, you can give and receive file fast and easy.

In actuality, Xender can be used by means of a Wi-Fi hotspot or internet connection.

When using the internet connection, both devices should have Xender downloaded and installed, if none you can download Xender app here. Begin with opening the mobile application and log in to your account. Then click your profile picture situated at the upper left corner of the landing page. Meanwhile, on your PC, go to www.xender.com. Once it is opened, use your mobile device to scan for the PC’s xender then connect. On your PC click on the icon that will let you transfer file and let the app do its magic.

If you have no internet connection, you can make use of the Wi-Fi hotspot instead and the steps remain the same.

What’s New?

Since its creation, Xender has seen many changes. In the version 4.5.4 of Xender, some of the unnecessary features were removed to increase the transfer speed of the app. For convenience, the user interface was upgraded. If you want to experience the best and the finest file sharing app worldwide, Download Xender Application 4.5.4 now.

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