Xender 4.5.3

In the past, the telephone was created to communicate with someone from afar. Then handy phones were made so that people can be reached anytime and anywhere. Then technology advancement created smartphones where you can do more than just calling or texting. Smartphones can be used for work and for entertainment. Smartphones can store important data and files. It can store memorable photos, your favorite videos, and music. There is a lot more you can do with your smartphones. And of course, there will come a time that there will be a need for you to share or transfer files from a device to another.

That will not be a problem if you have the cable cords with you or you are connected to the internet otherwise it will be trouble. Good thing an app that will let you transfer files without cable cords and an internet connection was created. Download Xender now.

What is Xender Application?

The Chinese were the very first people to download Xender Application and experience the app in 2012. And in 2013 it spread through the globe like wildfire making it as the fastest file sharing app available. Aside from that fact, there are a lot more features of Xender that make it stand out from the rest.

Xender will allow you to share files of different formats, for instance, pictures, music, videos, mobile applications, documents and more. Furthermore, you can share small and big files alike. All the more, the Xender app supports 22 languages, hence no matter where you are you can surely use the app no matter what your dialect is.

Why Download Xender?

Xender is the best alternative if you want an app that is fast when sharing files. Unlike Bluetooth connection, Xender allows multiple transfers at the same time and with a speed of 400 MBps thus faster file sharing.

New Version of Xender

The developers of Xender make sure to regularly update the app for better utilization. With Xender 4.5.3, minor bugs were fixed and the performance was improved. More so, the user interface was popped up and the unnecessary items were removed for a better experience.

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