Xender 4.5.2

A lot of people have downloaded and installed Xender on their mobile devices and if you are not one of them now is the time that you learn more about Xender, how it can change your life, and at the end of this article you will decide to download Xender App.

Xender Application

The Xender app is a versatile mobile app that will let you transfer files with other Xender users. What makes it stand out from the other file sharing app is that it can be used across different platforms without restrictions.

Highlights of Xender

One of the major highlights of Xender is its ability to transfer files at a speed of 40 MBps. Big files can be shared in minutes using the app compared when transferring files using Bluetooth connection that will take an hour or so. All the more along these lines, you cannot only transfer file from a smartphone to another smartphone but also from one PC to another and from a smartphone device to a PC and vice versa.

Furthermore, sharing of multiple files can be done to up to 4 devices at a time, cutting time consumption even shorter. Also sharing of files can be easy and fun, with just a shake of your phone, the file that you want to share will automatically transfer. And if you want to transfer pictures, with a simple swipe on your phone’s screen, the file would transfer to another gadget. Gone were the days were tangled cable cords, data consumption and an internet connection were used in file sharing.

New version

One goal of the developer of Xender is to routinely update the mobile app so that there will dependably be a smooth exchange of file between gadgets. In the newest version of Xender, the user interface was further improved to address the comfort needs of the user. Lastly, performance stability was made to avoid the crashing down of the app.

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