Xender 4.4.9

There is so much more to do with a smartphone. Phones are not merely for texting or calling somebody anymore, they can be used to store images, videos, and other documents. At some point in time, you are left in a predicament that you have to share the file to someone else but you are not either connected to the internet, you do not have a data connection or you do not have the phone’s cable with you. Download Xender App so that you will not be left in the same situation again.

What is Xender App?

In 2012, Xender was first released to the Chinese audience and later on to the world as shan Chuan. It was only in 2013 that it was released as Xender and from there it was known worldwide as among the fastest file sharing app. What makes Xender stands out from other file sharing app is that it will allow you to send just about anything to another device with installed Xender. It can support files such as images, videos, other mobile applications, documents, and many others. More so, the app supports more or less 22 languages hence wherever you are in the world and whatever language you speak, you can use Xender for transferring and receiving files.

Why Download Xender?

If you are looking for a fast file sharing app then Xender is the best option. Compare to Bluetooth connection, Xender can transfer files 40 times faster with its transfer speed of 400 Mbps. Because of which, Xender is becoming popular each day to many smartphone users worldwide. If you want to join the craze, you can download Xender app here.

Latest Version

The developers of Xender constantly update the software for better usage. In the version 4.4.9 of Xender, the developer fixed a bug, improved the performance and stability, updates in the user interface and took away unnecessary objects. All these are done for a more stable and without interruption transferring of files.

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