Xender 4.4.8

Looking for a mobile application for sharing files is never easy nowadays because there are many apps sprawling on the internet claiming to be the best. However, nothing comes close to Xender and what it can offer.

What is Xender?

Xender is among the leading mobile application for transferring and sharing files in the world. it offers convenience in sending and receiving files of different format and size without the use of USBs, cables, data connection, internet connection or Wi-Fi.

Established in 2011, the developers of Xender have one goal in mind and that is to provide the world better connectivity via innovation of the technology. With its global team behind the success of the previous Xender versions, they are committed to offering the file sharing app with the highest quality for better user experience. In the past years, the growth rate of users and downloads have been significantly increasing which is why the developers are now able to support more or less 30 different languages to cater to the international audience.

Not only does it allows you to transfer files from one mobile device to another mobile device but it also allows the transfer of files from a mobile phone to a desktop or laptop computers still without the use of cables.

Some applications consume a lot of time when transferring especially larger files but not with Xender. Apart from their fast transfer speed of 40 Mbps, it allows you to transfer files simultaneously to up to 4 devices. Hence you can transfer even larger files in minutes to a small group of people.

The latest Version of Xender

Just recently, the developers of Xender released version 4.4.8 of the mobile app. In this version, developers made Xender simpler and faster. They have fixed minor bugs and enhance the performance and stability for better performance and reduce the crashing down of the app especially during important transfers. Download Xender App now and experience the fastest file sharing app with no cost at all.

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