Xender 4.4.6

The Xender app is worth to try when you are looking for a file-sharing a mobile application that will allow you t send and receive files. With Xender, you cannot only send large files but also it allows you to send any file format. To date, Xender is among the most efficient and the fastest file sharing applications to known to humans. What is brilliant with the app is that it easy to use that even first-time users will not have difficulty going through the software’s interface.

Before Xender and other file-sharing applications came to the existence, Bluetooth connection is commonly used to transfer files between mobile devices. However, it was tedious back then because it would take time when transferring files via Bluetooth aside for the fact that the two devices should be paired to establish a connection. And when you transfer bigger files like music and pictures, it will eat up a longer amount of time.

However, with Xender installed on your mobile device, you can send and receive files faster and more efficient. There is no need for data cable or internet connection to transfer small or large files of any format. Download Xender App to see for yourself.

What is Xender?

As mentioned, Xender is a file sharing app that runs on all smartphones no matter what the operating system is, may it be iOS, Android, or Windows. The app allows you to transfer files simultaneously to 4 other devices as long as they have the app also installed in them. This is ideal to a small group of people who wants to share files between them requiring a little amount of time because of the high transfer speed of the app.

The Latest

In the version 4.4.6 of Xender, it co1ntains some performance improvements and bugs fix to make your file sharing experience even better. Download Xender app so that you will not need cords, internet connection or data consumption to transfer or receive files.

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