Xender 4.4.3

Mobile devices nowadays are not just used for texting or calling, they are also used storing important documents, pictures, videos, music, and many other things. There are times that there is an important file that you need to transfer to another phone, tablet, laptop or desktop but you do not have USB or you are not connected to the internet. Good thing there are many file sharing apps that one can easily install on their devices. If you do not have one yet, download Xender app here.

Why Xender?

Why not! Xender is a mobile application that lets you share files wirelessly. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows hence you can easily transfer and receive files even if the devices have different operating systems.

With the speed of 40 Mbps, files can be shared quicker no matter what the size is. This mobile app is 300x faster than using a Bluetooth connection. Another feature that makes Xender preferred by many users is that it can be used by everybody because it is user-friendly.

What are the Latest?

Over the years, significant changes can be easily noticed and one which is its file size. Xender is only 6 to 7 MB app size compared to its other counterparts whose app size is more or less 10 Mbps. The latest version which is version 4.4.3 is larger than the previous but it is not a major change that is worth the attention.

Another change for this version is that they have improved the design of the app, making it simpler, more user-friendly, and easy to navigate.

More so, the developer of Xender made it a point that the speed of transfer will remain fast if not faster than the previous versions.

If you are looking for a file sharing app that will not let you down especially for important matters, Xender is noteworthy. So what are you waiting for, download Xender App right now!

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