Xender 4.4.2

If you are looking for a file sharing app that does not only work for your mobile devices but also for your desktop and laptop computers then you have come to the right place. Download Xender App now so that you can share any files of any size without the hassle.

What is Xender?

Xender is mobile software that does not just let you transfer files but also receive files without the cords or USBs. At a remarkable speed, you can share files from one device to another even without internet connections.

With Xender, you can share any file format such as photos, music, videos, documents, and other software apps to not just one but multiple devices at the same time. Unlike Bluetooth, Xender can transfer files 300 times faster and up to 40 Mbps. Furthermore, the transfer of files using this mobile application is way easier than Airdrop.

Xender app lets you transfer files of any size without the use of wired connections. It is also compatible with all platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. Not only that, but you can also share and receive files across different platforms.

Latest Version of Xender

Just like any mobile software, the developer of Xender continuously evolves the app for the betterment of the users. Undeniably, there are millions of users who rely on their sharing of files using Xender and in order to please everybody, the latest version of the app which is Xender 4.4.2 was launched to fix the minor bugs that were found in the previous versions. This is to minimize the crashing of the mobile app especially during the transfer of files. More so, the user interface was further enhanced so that even those people who are not technologically inclined can use the mobile application with ease and convenience. The older versions still work perfectly but if you want the most updated and the latest, download Xender app here.

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