Xender 4.4.1

Sending files from one mobile device to another or from a mobile device to a personal computer is now a common thing to do. Even if the devices have a different operating system, it can still be easily done as long as you have the right file sharing app installed on your devices. There are many file sharing apps that can be downloaded from the internet and among the top chosen app is Xender.

What is Xender?

Sometimes you are left in a situation where you need to transfer files but you do not have the cord nor internet connection, to begin with. With Xender app installed, you do not have to worry about the cords or the internet as long as both devices have the app, transferring of files will be easy and quick.

There are 2 ways to transfer files using Xender App, one is using web connect and the other is via hotspot.

With web connect, you have to download Xender App here if you have not installed the app yet. Once installed, open the Xender App, sign up and log in. Click on the profile picture at the upper left corner and connect to PC. On your PC, open xender.com and let the Xender app on your mobile phone scan the PC, accept the device and wait for it to connect. After connecting, on your PC, click on “Upload Files”. You can now transfer files as many as you want. The same process is done when you transfer file using hotspot but your computer must be connected to a Wi-Fi connection.

What’s New?

Since the first launched of the mobile app, several versions have already been released to make the file sharing experience easier and faster. The features of Xender 4.4.1 are more comprehensive and the user interface was enhanced for ease of use. More so, it offers a more flawless transfer of files from different operating systems and devices.

Download Xender App now and experience file sharing at its finest.

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