Why You Should Upgrade From The Old Xender Version To The New One

xender old to new

We often hear the catchphrase, “In with the new and out with the old” that also goes through with Xender. Everybody knows that Xender is a mobile application intended for sharing files across different devices.

Founded on June 7, 2011, this mobile application has gone through a lot of fixing, debugging, and improvement. At present, it is one of the leading applications in the world meant for file transfer and sharing with more or less 80 million downloads in its lifetime and more than 4 million for the last 30 days.

What Xender App (you may download it from our website) is offering is a convenience to its user when transferring files of different formats and sizes between different platforms without the use of wire cables and internet connection.

The goal of the Xender team is to provide the world with better connectivity using technology innovation.

The New Xender Version

Just recently, the developer of Xender, the Xender Team, has released their new version of the popular file transferring and sharing app, the Xender v4.4.2. The file size of the newest version is 15.7 MB, just enough not to consume all of your device’s storage space. For Android users, the minimum requirement for the Android OS is Android 4.0 or the Ice Cream Sandwich API 14.

Even if Xender has upgraded, the key aspects of the application are still present. Just like the same, file sharing and transfer can be done with ease anytime and anywhere. Likewise, there is no need for mobile data to be able to share and transfer files. The speed of transfer compare to Bluetooth is still the same at 200 times faster. Nothing has changed when it comes to connectivity. USB cables and software installation on your PC are not needed. Lastly, you can play your audio and video files on the app itself.

The newest version of the app was updated on March 18, 2019, where the connections were optimized and bugs were fixed.

So why should you upgrade to the new version when it is just the same as the old one?

As a general rule, when a new version of anything especially applications and software is released upgrading of the application should always follow. To some, it can cost from tens to hundreds to even thousands of dollars. Luckily, Xender is a free app, hence upgrading Xender is also free. But, generally speaking, upgrades are important for the following reasons.

  1. Breach in security

One reason why you need to ditch the old version is that as you modernize your mobile device, the old version cannot and will not run in the new operating system. There are companies that have ended their contract with a few of their employees, and one way to avoid getting hack by old workers is updating the system.

  1. Incompatibility and Loss of Data

Having an old software means that you have old files as well that will not be compatible with the new version and vice versa. However, Xender assures that when you upgrade to their newer version, all of your files will not be erased. And if it will happen, which is not plausible, they have a recovery feature that lets you access to removed files.

  1. Old software takes a lot of your time.

If you are not willing to spare a few minutes of your time, you will be spending that time in sharing files. Although the speed does not have noticeable change, however with the minor bugs fixed, speed has increased a bit.

  1. Old software will hinder your satisfaction rate.

If you already have a few issues with the old version, why keep it and complain? The best thing to do is to download and install the app and get the full potential of Xender.

In summary, upgrading from the old version of Xender the new one will not take much of your time, will not cost anything, will not meddle with your files, and will make you fully satisfied with the application.

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