Whats New In The Newest Xender App In 2019

When people share the file from one device to another, Bluetooth is always the preferred option. However, due to development in technology, there are apps that are meant for sharing files. Xender is one of them!

Using hotspot functionality, Xender App (download link is on our website) is able to send and receive small and huge files without any glitch. Xender is an app developed by Anmobi Corporation with ease of file sharing in mind. You can transfer any files such as videos, pictures, music, apk files, and documents. It already has millions of downloads in Google Play but it can also be used for iOS and Windows. To start sharing, you have to download the app first and it is totally free!

How do Xender works?

Xender works very simply. The receiver and the sender must have the Xender apps installed on their phone. Then the two would connect with each other without the need for mobile data for the mobile app itself will create a hotspot where the other end will join thus creating a direct link. Because of which, sharing of files will be 50x faster than sharing files over Bluetooth.

What are the features of Xender?

When Xender was introduced to mobile users in 2012, the features include transferring of contacts from one mobile to another, personalizing the interface by giving it profile picture and personal name of the user. Furthermore, transferring files from PC to mobile device and vice versa can be done easily and with no cords attached.

What are the new features in Xender 2019?

Just like everything else, Xender is moving forward together with technology. The new app features are listed below

  • Faster

Previously, with the old versions of Xender, you can share files 20 times faster than the usual. However, with the new Xender, sending files can be 200 times faster than using Bluetooth. You can transfer different files at a speed of up to 10mbps.

  • No internet connection or cables needed to transfer files

You can transfer file even if you have no internet connection, no cables attached and you do not have to worry about your data usage.

  • Supports all file format

You can share any file format wherever you are and whatever the time of the day is. Without any restrictions, you can share documents, music, videos, pictures, and even mobile applications without the hassle. More so, with its replication feature, you can share contact numbers and messages from your old mobile phone to your new phone.

  • No maximum limit of file sharing

Every day almost 100 million of different files are shared via Xender. Because it has no restrictions when it comes to file sharing, you can send multiple files in just one seating.

  • Integrated audio and video player in the application

The new Xender had an in-app music and video player that lets you play the files that you have received from your friend’s mobile phone.

  • Supports 30 languages

With the 2019 Xender app, you do not have to worry about the language barrier because Xender supports 30 languages. The supported languages include English, Chinese, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Arabic, Bengali, Indonesian, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Malay, Thai, Turkish, Russian, Polish, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, French, and many others.

  • Connects to another mobile phone with ease

The Xender app can be used whatever mobile device you have. What is nice with Xender is that you can also connect it to desktop, laptops, and MacBooks without the cable or installing any PC software. Aside from computer to mobile phone sharing, you can also easily manage your phone via the computer.

  • Zero data and free of hassle when transferring even large files

As mentioned earlier, there is no need of data usage or internet connection to be able to share from one mobile device to another hence you do not have to worry about consuming a lot of data if you are sharing larger files.

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