Main Features of Xender App

When talking about file sharing and file transferring, one mobile application that comes to mind to many mobile phone owners is Xender. Developed by the Xender Team in 2011, this file sharing and transferring mobile application has one plan and that is to give the people the opportunity to share various files having different sizes and types from one mobile device to another or from a handheld device to a personal computer or the other way around and not using internet connections, mobile data or wire cables.

The vision of the company can be claimed as successful because of the number of active monthly users, monthly downloads and the download from the entirety of its existence.

Since 2011, after its initial release, the developer has released several updates to fix bugs and enhance the performance of the application. But amidst all the changes and repairs the main features of Xender App has not changed a bit. If it did, it was to serve the end-user.

File Sharing

As mentioned, the mobile application is intended for sharing and transferring files. Hence one of its main feature and probably the best in the mobile application is its capability to share files. With Xender, you can share different types of file format with just one application. Likewise, there is no limit of the frequency of your file transfer and sharing in a day. Also, you can share files of different sizes. The application allows you to transfer a document that is 15 kb in size or a movie that is more than 100 MB in size. Lastly, you can share the files and transfer to another platform device without using a cable wire or internet connection. What is important is that both devices of the receiver and sender have Xender installed on it.

Cross-Platform Transfer

Since you can download and install Xender whatever your operating system is like Android OS, iOS, and Windows OS, you can definitely transfer files without any hassle to any device including desktop and laptop computers.

Wireless Transfer

If it is not a hassle enough when you have to bring the USB cable of your mobile phone or struggle yourself connecting to a public Wi-Fi, what more if you have forgotten to the USB cable or you have difficulty joining the network especially if you have an important document to share with your family, friends or office mates. Thankfully, Xender can throw away the worry. Xender allows their users to share files with each other through direct link by creating their own hotspot. Furthermore, the direct link between devices makes the file transfer fast that could reach the speed of up to 20 megabytes per second.

Free to download and use

Who in the world does not want free stuff? Undeniably, everybody loves frees stuff. Luckily, Xender Team has developed an app that is free to download and use. All you need to do is go to the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Windows App Store to download the freeware. After installing, you will appreciate more of what Xender can offer you.


It is a fact that not everybody knows the ins and outs of technology especially mobile phones. More so, each day, another unit and another design of mobile device are being introduced to the masses. Which is why it is important that an application that is designed for the use of everybody can be used by the tech savvy and the techie innocent people alike. With the easy to use interface of the Xender, anybody regardless of age, knowledge, and computer background can install, uninstall, add, delete, open, view, close, receive, and send files as easy as 123.

Light Weight Mobile Application

Storage space is important when it comes to mobile devices. Fortunately, having only 4.5 MB in size, Xender will not take much of the precious space of your phone’s internal and external storage space.

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