Main Features of Xender App

When talking about file sharing and file transferring, one mobile application that comes to mind to many mobile phone owners is Xender. Developed by the Xender Team in 2011, this file sharing and transferring mobile application has one plan and that is to give the people the opportunity to share various files having different sizes and types from one mobile device to another or from a handheld device to a personal computer or the other way around and not using internet connections, mobile data or wire cables. Continue reading

How to Install Xender on Android, iOS, Windows Phone

There are time that we need to send important documents and other files, like music, videos, pictures and others to our family, friends, and colleagues. However the thought of having to wait that long when transferring the files using Bluetooth is already painstaking. More so, if you use some of the downloadable apps, the fear of consuming all of your data allowance is frightening.  With the new Xender app released just this year, the fears and the hesitations of many mobile device users will be set aside. Continue reading